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About YankeeLady

About YankeeLady
From the time I was a toddler, my folks took me through antique shops. I cut my first deal at the age of 12 when I asked Dad for $12 to buy a vintage evening bag. Before loaning me the money, Dad wanted to see the bag and talk to the dealer. Panicked, I said, "But Dad, I already got him to come down from his asking price!" It was tough for Dad to keep a straight face as he gave me the money. Guess he didn't realize that I'd been studying his negotiations for years!

In the 1970's I sold antiques and collectables at flea markets and shows. Family and career demands forced my attention elsewhere for 20 years, but I continued to collect.

I planned to sell antiques when I retired, but family issues and the advent of Internet auctions convinced me to make that move sooner. In the late 1990's I started selling online, with leftover 1970s inventory. Since then, I've added items from estates, auctions, tag sales, and flea markets.

I'm not expert in every specialty area, but do my best to photograph and describe each item as accurately as possible. I know my online customers can't hold and examine items they way they can in person; so, I try to provide detailed descriptions that point out any flaws I can see or feel. I encourage buyers to ask questions and correct mistakes I may make.

My online customers know I do my best to pack "defensively," so items arrive safely at their destinations. I've occasionally been accused of "over-packing," but more often I've been thanked for doing it.